Top 10 Experiences in Kenya

I’ve spent the last three months as a fellow at Energy Access Ventures (a Nairobi-based Venture Capital fund). This was my first experience living on the African continent, and I must say that my time in Nairobi tops my list as one of the most fun places to be! I will forever cherish the many amazing memories and friends that were made in Kenya – I already miss you all!

Below, I share my top 10 experiences living in Nairobi. Enjoy!

#10: My morning commute (Nairobi traffic is not to be missed – or escaped)!

Nairobi Morning Commute

#9: My morning (6am) Muay Thai training sessions!

Nairobi Kickboxing with Eddie

#8: Experiencing the beautiful wilderness and wildlife! I loved it as much as the animals did!

#7: Friday nights at The Alchemist, by far my favourite nightlife destination in the city!


#6: Saturday morning brunch at River Cafe in Karura Forest – after a long run.

Brunch at Karura Forest

#5: Visiting (and jumping off) Victoria Falls (OK, this one is from Zimbabwe – but still makes it on this list!)

#4: Working with an absolutely fantastic group of people  who are hard-working and motivated to improve the lives of millions of Africans!

EAV Fellows

#3: Having INSEAD friends over to visit (just as I was about to suffer from INSEAD withdrawal…)

#2: One of the most magical nights! An incredible dinner at Ali Barbour’s Restaurant to celebrate Fatim’s birthday in Diani Beach, followed by dancing on a beach until the early hours of the morning.

#1: Getting called up on stage and dancing with the lead singers of Nairobi’s own Sauti Sol – one of Africa’s most beloved bands!


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