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Although you may not have noticed, I’ve migrated to new servers. Thanks to Dave Cachia, owner of and a fellow member of the forums, I now enjoy free, secure, and stable hosting on his servers, which means that you’ll never see ads on this website (not that you ever have in the past)!

Other than that, I’ve finally got around to updating the “About” page, which was not only out-of-date, but didn’t really tell you a whole lot about me and my blog. I’ll be working on new developments in the next few days to make things a little cleaner around here. This work will also include centralizing my pictures in one location (the “Gallery” page is in a bit of a mess right now, and no longer exists). With the advent of Google+, I’ve decided that the best thing for me in the long term is to switch over to using Picasa Web Albums. It is really the best solution since it comes with its own desktop photo organizer, includes free or cheap hosting, and works seamlessly with Google+ Albums. If you know of something better, feel free to comment and let me know!

On the topic of Google+, I’d love to hear your input on the new social media site!

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So, Your Host Didn't Give You Enough Memory?

“Allowed memory size of 33554433 bytes exhausted”

Are you getting this error? It seems to be pretty standard for most hosting services to set their default php settings to 32M when it comes to the memory limit for php scripts. For some users of the most recent versions of popular CMS software like Drupal and WordPress, 32 megs is cutting it quite close, especially if many plug-ins are activated. This post is a solution directed to the problem of NGG users running WordPress 2.8 +, but of course, fixes any php memory issue.

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