Winter in Spain

2010-02-20 Granada 010.JPG
Raphael skiing in Sierra Nevada, Europe's southernmost ski resort, at an altitude of 3000 metres above sea level.

It’s sure been a while! Here’s what I’ve been busy doing over the past few weeks:

  • Spent Christmas and New Year’s with my family in Malta
  • Continuing to study Spanish (stay tuned for original Spanish content)
  • Weekend trip to Barcelona for Carnaval
  • Weekend trip to Granada to check out the city, eat tapas, and ski in Europe’s southernmost ski resort
  • More skiing fun in the Aragonese mountains near Teruel
  • Learned how to drive a manual car

The last item involved me getting stuck in a small town and having to reverse up a one-lane cobbled-stone street with a 15 degree pitch in front of an audience of smirking residents, touring my neighbourhood multiple times to find parking and eventually racing another car to a parking spot by reversing down a one-way street, and driving up a snowy mountain road in a car without snow tires or chains.

2010-02-14 Barcelona 012.JPG
Raphael on Mount Tibidabo, with the city of Barcelona spread out below.

This weekend I’m heading off to nearby mountains to do a biking-mountain climbing race, and next week I’ll be heading off to Amsterdam and Geneva (including a skiing stopover in the Swiss Alps, of course).

That’s my quick update, as usual, stay tuned for more details! Don’t forget to check out for new pictures!

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